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What is Prima RPG ?[edit]

Prima is a historical horror game where you play inquisitors hunting heretics in the darkest corners of medieval Europe.

Prima RPG is a story focused tabletop roleplaying game. Story focused means there's a emphasis on player's decisions and ambiance instead of rules and combats.

In 1346, the kingdom of France is ravaged by the hundred year war and just lost the battle of Crecy.

Knight Templars have been arrested thorough Europe, its last remaining members are in hiding or joined other orders.

Hailing from Avignon, pope Clement VI recently launched a crusade to fight heretics abroad.

Dark times nurtures dark thoughts and dark thoughts nurtures heresy.

Soldiers being in short supplies the inquisition have to recourse to outside help.

Your character is amongst the soldiers god has chosen for this task.

(if you are not familiar with the middle age, you may want to read : Europe in 1346)

Start here[edit]

5 minutes tutorial video

For players[edit]

Create your Character here :

(Searching for your character ? They are all here Category:Characters )

On Character creation your character has one Feat of your choice. Archetypes are a subtype of Feats and can be taken on first level. At the end of each scenario, your game master can award you with a level up : you then gain one more Feat of your choice.

Detailed level up rules : +1 Feat

Feats - Archetypes[edit]

We strongly advise you to start your character by choosing an archetype (but it's not mandatory).

An Archetype is a special kind of Feat. A character can only have one Archetype. Apart from that, Archetypes are like normal Feats and may be taken at character creation or on any level up.

Feats - General[edit]

Feats - Prowesses[edit]

Prowesses are a special kind of Feats with prerequisites.

Create new Feat : General, Archetype or Prowess[edit]

Didn't find the perfect Feat, Archetype or Prowess for you ? You can always become a ⭐ Prima Contributor and create a new one here :

(for all the content that isn't official yet, it's here : Unofficial Content)

For game masters : Official Scenarios[edit]

Spoiler alert ! Those scenarios are for game masters only.