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Yay ! You levelled up !

Now, at any time, you can replace this by a Feat of your choice.

Even in the middle of the game, it can be done ANY time !

Remember the rule :

Feats Venn Diagram.jpg

  • Feats could be :
    • General Feats
    • Archetypes
    • Prowesses

All of those are *Feats*

Few rules :

  • You cannot take a General Feat twice even with a different specialisation.
  • You can only have at most *one* Archetype.
  • You can only have a Prowess if you meet the prerequisites.
  • You can take the same Prowess several times.

What to write on your character sheet ?[edit]

At the end of each scenarios, in the "| Feats =" section add one more "{{{Feats|}}}"

As soon as you have chosen which Feat you wanted, modify the line with the name of the Feat : {{{Feats| Courage }}}

If the Feat appears in red, it means you made a mistake in the name, capital letters matter.

If a Feat gives you several free Feats, write them below :

{{Feat| Knight }}

{{Free Feat| ⭐ Faith }}

{{Free Feat| Combat (battle) }}

{{Free Feat| Courage }}

Feats List[edit]

Feats - General[edit]

Feats - Prowesses[edit]

Prowesses are a special kind of Feats with prerequisites.