Former Templar

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Synonyms: Knight Templar, Sergeant Brother of the Temple, Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon

Special: Archetype

Former Templar is an Archetype, it is a special kind of Feat. A character can only have one Archetype in total. Apart from that, Archetypes are like normal Feats and may be taken at character creation or on any level up. On your sheet, mark Former Templar as one of your Feats and add all Feats gained separately.


At dawn on Friday 13 October 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered Grand Master de Molay and scores of other Templars to be simultaneously arrested.

In 1312, the papal bulls "Vox in excelso" and "Ad providam" officially dissolved the order and turned all of their assets to the Hospitaller order.

Although this happened more than 30 years ago, your character recalls those events perfectly. You are one of the last living former members of this order.

Most Templars weren't arrested and became prominent members of other orders, a secret bound still exist amongst them.

Also, your martial training left some marks in you and may come in handy in critical situations.

As a former Templar, the character gains the Feat Courage.

If his background justifies it, he also gains the ⭐ Faith Feat.

Additionally, he gains one Feat of his choice in this list :

Note that not all former members of the Temple have this feat and the character may de facto be a former member of the Temple without having it.