Danse Macabre Part 2

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Send to the players before the game :

 3rd of May 1345, Provins (Kingdom of France)
 The Saint-Quiriace trade fair used to be the wealthiest gathering of all Christendom.
 Bankers from Florence would meet merchants from Byzantium and Troy.
 But with the fair declining, debts started accumulating.
 Ruined silk traders had to explore more dangerous ventures.
 And for a pious soul, the road to decadence has only one dead end.
 3 Mai 1345, Provins (Royaume de France)
 La foire de Saint-Quiriace était autrefois le plus riche rassemblement de toute la chrétienté.
 Les banquiers de Florence rencontraient les marchands de Byzance et de Troie.
 Mais avec le déclin de la foire, les dettes ont commencé à s'accumuler.
 Les marchands de soie ruinés ont dû se lancer dans des commerces de plus en plus dangereux.
 Et pour une âme pieuse, la spirale de la décadence ne peut mener qu'à une seule fin.

Intro - The Skeleton Merchant[edit]

  • Initial situation :
    • Date : 3 May 1345
    • Location : Provins (France)

Since last time, players are looking for Eugène Clavicule, the Skeleton Merchant.

They are contacted by a local contact (Dr. Pierre Therici) who says that Eugène Clavicule have been burried in Provins.

They arrive at the Saint-Quiriace trade fair in Provins. The city is overcrowded. Countless tents around the city walls because all inns are full. The fair already started for few days, currently the fair is trading cloth and whool (10 days in total). In few days it will switch to spices.

They are housed in a religious hospital, next to diseased patients.

  • Explanations :

Provins is a city in the county of Champagne in Medieval France.

Actually Eugène Clavicule is a person or an organisation quite powerful in Provins.

They sell drugs and poisons, they also produce counterfeit coins.

Their operation is structured as follow :

Their HQ and main hideout is in the subterranean catacombs of Provins.

That's where they produce the poisons and drugs as well as store them. They also store their profits there.

Their main reseller is a the fortune teller.

Their most sold product is some poisons that local merchants buy to shoot in each other's legs.

Another very profitable operation is the counterfeiting of silver coins. They chose to counterfeit old coins, that's why they make fake "Dennier Provinois"

The punch of those old coins are all stored in the local hospitaller commanderie.

They blackmail a powerful local knight hopsitaller and force him to let them sneak out the punch and then they put it back at night.

They managed to make an alloy of coins that looks genuine but uses much much less silver.

Those coins and all their profits are used to finance their last activity : Corpse trafficking.

The Doctor Theobald Shuplice is one of their men who will look for anonymous corpses at the obituary department of the local medical university.

He will then pay for their funerals in coffins rather than common graves.

He will then exchange those coffins with coffins full or earth and store the corpses before shipping in a secret cave. He puts some coins in the coffin to bribe the people who bring him the corpses.

Being anonymous to begin with, those missing corpses are much less likely to be discovered.

At the end of the scenario, players should understand completely the operations of Eugène Clavicule, with very few unsolved mysteries.

When the players arrive at the treasure room, the dead hopsitaller already killed or wounded Eugène. Whoever Eugène might be. He's already dead or dying, that's why he didn't stop the players and didn't run away with his treasure.

  • Unsolved mysteries :

Only few mysteries are unsolved at the end of the scenario :

-Why did Eugène buy corpses ? To ship where ? For what reason ?

-Is Eugène a person or an organisation ?

Part 1 The obituary department[edit]

  • Normal: Normal Département Nécrologique

Corpses disappear, players must find where before it's too late.

The Collegiate Church Saint-Quiriace has a funeral home (place where the dead are put right after the death) In this funeral home are transferred all the dead on the public highway, to check for new epidemies Then a necropsy is done without opening the corpse Then is made a mortuary toilet called thanatopraxis before casketing

Ambiance Track
5 min In the street they pass by the Ceasar tower and notice its might.
15 min Some canons pass in all the rooms to spread smoke. It's called fulmigation. The point is to try to disinfect. The players notice lots of dark blue cloth drying. Explain that the « provins blue » was a color of cloth only possible here because the river of provins has special properties.
30 min A person wakes up during his necropsy and dies right after. Explain that, in the middle age, it was very hard to know if someone was dead or not.
45 min In the church there’s a statue of a skeleton. They notice a coin put as an offering. It is a coin of provins
60 min Monks are found studying an open corpse. This is illegal and considered heresy. Players can choose to prosecute them or not.

At this point, their contact informs them that Eugène Clavicule has reserved a booth for the fair.

75 min A medical monster moves on the streets. He is heavily deformed. He was invited by the Canons to be examined.
90 min At the end of the atmosphere track, if the players still haven't found the cave. Their contact understands that the doctor Shuplice gave counterfeit coins each time he paid for funerals. They have to start investigate that immediately.

Penalty if they reach the end of the atmosphere track : They won't get reinforcements.

Their goal is to find out what's going on in this obituary department. If they discover the origin, they have reinforcements.

Their contact, Canon Pierre Therici have found Eugène Clavicule's grave, he got his coffing removed and they are in the obituary department ready to open it. It's full of earth with just one silver coin. It's a "dennier provinois" a currency that is a hundred years old. No corpse inside. That's very suspicious. When they open the coffin Music : Alone in the Dark Mysteries He was found dead on public roads and nothing could identify him. Very likely just vagabond.

Action -> See the doctor who did the necropsy.

Dr. Ambroise Prasé is the doctor who did the necropsy (autopsy without opening of the corpse)

Necropsy revealed nothing. It is not unusual in the middle age. He had no relatives so normally had to be buried in a mass grave.

But a generous donor paid for the funeral in an individual coffin. And he decided that he is named Eugene Clavivule, he pretended he knew him. Dr. Theobald Shuplice is the name of the donor.

If they ask : indeed he pays for a lot of anonymous to be buried. If they open those graves, all corpses are missing. All those coffins were traded during transport with coffins full of earth. (Some of them with coins, some without)

Theobald Shuplice come every week. He will be back soon. Action: Follow him discreetly or attack him.

If follow him discreetly. They find his office. And his accounting book, where they can find the address of a cave he rents. Lots of documents in his office, but they are all encrypted. The writing matches that of Eugène Clavicule (found in the previous scenario)

If they attack him or torture him. He will not tell them anything. On himself they can find a letter. He's about to resign. He works for the silk guild. Then they can find his office and his accounting book.

Another way to solve this is if a player hides inside a coffin. He will then be transported to the cave.

Once they open the door to the cave. The smell is crushing. They all vomit unless they have a quality to prevent that.

Once they open the door : Gaunter O Dim Witcher 3

The cellar is filled with about fifty corpses ready to be shipped. But all documents are encrypted. No way to know where they should be shipped and why.

There are also money chests full of silver coins. A huge fortune in fact in silver denier provinois. Very suspicious because this currency is a hundred years old.

Why buying corpses ? Where to ship them ? This scenario doesn't answer this mystery.

Reward for completing the scenario track successfully : reinforcements, one soldier per person.

Part 2 Black Silver[edit]

Normal (before arriving at the Hospitaller): Normal Departement Nécrologique

After leaving the scene, they realise that those silver pennies have a strange black hue. They suspect it's a counterfeit and will have to try and understand who is responsible for their creation.

Ambiance Track
5 min They notice the city walls (near the commanderie) which are very famous are indeed beaufitul and mighty. Lots of tents all around the city because all the inns are full.
15 min A person comes to the hospitaller counter with a letter of change. The hospitaller give him his coins.

He then weights them, bite them and throw them to make noise (to check that they are genuine) He accepts some of them and refuses some of them. He then gives the hospitaller the letter of change. It's an encrypted document with a seal.

30 min They see Hopsitaller training by fighting each others. Their fight is very brutal. At the end of the fight a prayer the bells ring. With they bleeding faces, they put their robes on and go to pray.

This scene illustrates how Hospitallers are both harmless monks, doctors and deadly warriors.

45 min Hopsitaller/Templar? Ceremony. They hear a hammer that strikes three times.

Launch the music Watchmen(OST 2009) - Pruit Igoe and Prophecies All the hopsitallers are drawn to a room where they have their annual meeting. Players are not allowed in. The players have until the music reached 3:30 to do anything they want in the hopsitaller buildings. Because the building is completely empty.

Once the music reaches 3:30, they see all the hospitallers leaving their ceremony. After the ceremony, many people come out. Many religious people, powerful people. Professors. Merchants. But also Nobles. Towards the end of the procession there are four people wearing masks and surrounded by soldiers. Those people are too powerful to be recognised.

This scene is used to illustrate the power of the hopsitallers and their possible links to the templars, all power people are part of their organisation.

60 min Music : Lacrimosa

Players are locked in a room. Behind there is a man with a mask. It's the Jean de la Maison de Dieu, but they can't recognise him. He tells them to leave him alone. He tries to convince them to stop the prosecution. He begs them even. If they try to bash the doors, he leaves. They can't get him.

75 min 'Music : The Song of the Sword-Dancer Witcher 3’ Players are shot at by a crossbow. Explain that in the middle age, crossbows are prohibited weapons against other Christians.

Bolts should feel very impressive and powerful, destroying furnitures and all. Either the players find a good way out or one of them is injured.

90 min Jean de la Maison de Dieu pass near them and seems very panicked. He then runs away. Players runs after him. He dies mysteriously and his corpse is cold. There's no witnesses to this scene, so players are accused of killing this Hopstialler, and they must keep a low profile for the rest of the scenario because hopstiallers are searching for them.

After the end of the scenario they will have to explain themselves to the inquisition

There is a real fortune in coins piled up in a chest. Only coins of black silver, they are dennier provinois. Those coins where used during the fair a hundred years ago but aren't produced anymore.

Their goal is to discover who made them.

Those coins where minted a long time ago under supervision of the local Templars in the "Ferme aux Templiers". It was a privilege given to the city. The goal is to avoid currency change problems during the fair, so everything is bough and sold in this neutral currency. The punch are now kept by the Hospitalers.

The counterfeits are good except for the metal, which is a bit dark.

The metal is a mix of little bit of silver and a lot of another metal, hard to identify it.

If one of the player has Eye of the Detail or if they ask an expert, they can see that the counterfeits' artworks are perfect. To a point where they think that the "Punch" (the piece of the minting machine that holds the artwork) has been used for those fake coins.

Action: Players can get to visit the local hospitaller commandery

Normal (once arrived at the Knights Hospitaller): Normal Commanderie Templière

Change music once they are in the hospitaller buildings : Normal Commanderie Templière

Everyone is in brown coats, some in black coats (the nobles ones). All have a white cross on their clothes. It is a large fortified building. The decoration is military but rich.

What is strange with this place is how immensely wealthy they are, but they are still monks, so they try to hide their riches. This results in incredibly clean clothes and rooms. Also glass windows in some rooms. Great quality candles etc...

The head of this commanderie will do his best to help them.

The "Punches" are still in place in the vault archive (not the main vault with their gold). (Counterfeiters comes at night, take the Punch, use them, put them back.)

Access to the room is strictly controlled. No entry or exit without being controlled.

Action: There is a hatch hidden on the ground. Under a box. Eye of the detail doesn't spot it, unless players specifically search for a hidden door.

This is where counterfeiters come in or out.

It's a tunnel that leads to the catacombs. The players try to search for the catacombs, but it's a complete labyrinth, no chance.

They find punching equipments inside the tunnel as well as lots of ingots of silver, copper, lead and iron, and other metals. Too many of them. Those metals cannot be bought by just anyone.

Action : On the metals ingots there is the stamp of a metal merchant, he know who bought them.

Action: check the books, indeed the hospitallers buy all those metals. Supposedly to make a stronger alloy to circle their cart's wheels.

The head of procurement is Jean de la Maison de Dieu and ideed those metals never arrived at the blacksmith.

Once they come to talk to him, it is raining, he's at a balcony.

It is raining, it is very cold.

As soon as he sees that they are coming to him, he panics. He refuses to let them approach.

He shouts at them to stay in the distance and implores them, lots of hospitallers are looking.

He tells them he had no choice and zero hope to survive if he didn't cooperate.

Someone then shoots a crossbow bolt at him and he dies. The guy who shot then smile at them, salute, then jumps ouside of the city walls (which are near the Hospitaller building) ‘’’Music : Behelit - Berserk’’'

In Jean's pocket they find denniers provinois. Only "Heal" can save him.

Insist how strange it is that the assasin just disappears by jumping out the city wall and survived. At least his body is never found.

In his office, lots of letters written by Eugène Clavicule, but encrypted. It's a proof he was a tool and accomplice.

Reward for completing the scenario track : Lots of people are witness to Jean dying. So the players are not accused of his murder.

Part 3 The Provins trade fair[edit]

Normal: Normal Commanderie Templière

The Provins trade fair is a major economic event in the region. Merchants from all around the world attend to sell goods. It is the heart of economic activities in the region. It used to be much much bigger, but it is still a meaningful event.

Eugène Clavicule has a booth at the fair. Booths are very expensive. The players have to investigate.

When the players arrive at his booth. It is completely empty. The table is there, the umbrella is there (both are provided by the city) but the booth is empty ! Only one item on the booth : There’s a lizard drawn on the table.

Their goal is to find Eugène Clavilcule.

Ambiance Track
5 min 'Music : Gwent Drink Up, There_s More! Witcher 3’

Fight of the dragon and the lizard. Every years, two team fights : One has a lizard toy made of wood on the top of a pole. The others have a dragon. They try to steal each other's flowers attached to their neck. Their jaws can be mechanically animated. The dragon team made their dragon breathe fire. (by pressing on a pulveriser throwing alcohol, then igniting it) Some people catch fire and jump in a fontain.

15 min They notice two merchants having a fight. One of them tried to pay with "Golden Leopards" minted by Edward III, while the other argues that he only want to be paid in Saint-Louis écu. Then he tries to pay in "Livre Parisi" Paris Pound and the other explains him that his prices are in "Livre Tournois" which are slightly less expensive.

A merchant sleeping on his stall nearby. He is dead. Poisoned ‘’’Music : Hail This Nightmare - BloodBorne’’' When they touch him, his mouth opens and they notice a coin falling from his mouth. A Provins coin. (it's normal for merchants to bite a coint to test it)

30 min There's an iron cross where prices are being hung.

The fair decides the prices of different commodities. The Clothes Merchants Guild decided a very high price for sheets. Everyone is angry about it, it creates a scandal. The crowd hoes them. The soldiers arrive to evacuate them. In the mess, there’s a dead merchant in the crowd, poisoned. He has a provins coin in his purse. ‘’’Music : Chant_Entrapment-8’’'

45 min Two merchants emerge from the tribunal, there’s an official speech that because he didn’t pay his debts, he is now exiled from provins and from his home city. (Explain that the courts of Provins had this power)

As he speaks, the judge is being startled, someone threw a coin into his mouth. He dies just after. ‘’’Music : Hail This Nightmare - BloodBorne’’'

60 min ‘’’Access the Animus (debut rapide)’’' They are in a crowd. All players roll. Anyone who got a 1 get stabbed with a poisonous dagger. They go Insane. Impossible to see where the blow came from.
75 min ‘’’Music : Behelit - Berserk’’' They see a man in the distance on the city walls with a skull mask. He look at them, salute then jumps backwards and disappear. They are not sure if it was a dream or not.

Down he city wall, they find a dead merchant. Poisoned.

90 min A person with a death mask comes to see them and offers them a drink.

He insists. They are surrounded by brigands with small daggers. The character pretends to be Eugene Clavicule. He tries to bribe them, to stop their search.

Once he sees that it doesn't work, they start attacking them.

During the fight, they all receive poisoned daggers.

They are all poisoned. They'll feel unweel until the rest of the scenario, they are all « Insane »

They see of their assaliants run away and reach the entrance of their hideout.

Penalty if they reach the end of the ambiance track : They are poisoned. « Insane »

Their goal is to find Eugène Clavicle

But his booth is empty ! There’s a lizard drawn on the table.

Action : Knowledge general need a roll otherwise, they ask the locals. The lizard is the symbol of the Saint Ayoul Church in ville basse. They go there and find the same lizard carved on the back of the church, but that’s it. Big crowd around.

Action: There is someone who constantly watches the lizard. The idea is that if he trust it’s a good customer, he will come to them later and explain the trick. The trick is, people who stop at the lizard and then look in the crowd can see him and come to him.(proof that they know the trick). Eugene has mostly regular customers and only rarely accept to deal with new faces, hence this method is a good way to avoid being followed. Action: Pretend or pay someone to pretend to be a customer. If they look like one he will come to them.

The vigil will then lead them to the fortune teller.

'Music at the fortuneteller's hideout : Flippant, le diable est dans la boite’

He knocks at the door and say

"Eugene friends"

The fortune teller opens and greets them.

Her house is full of strange items.

Potions, charms, books, animal parts. Some live rats in cage also.

She invites them to pick a card, so she can know them better. (She does that to impress customers.)

The cards on the table are not tarot cards, on the back there’s only one item displayed.

Two players have this choice. Show them the corresponding danse macabre character and image. And the fortune teller read them the quote from this card.

They have a choice between all those items, show the players the picture associated with it.


Sword, Coin, Rosary, Violin, Book

Mace, Chest, Triptych, Ring, Crosier

Danse Macabre Metaplot

Choice: Then she offers them to read their future with a mirror. They can accept or refuse.

Mirror made of bone. She pours on black and red liquid on it and read the pattern.

She reads and see her own future (she has the Prowess Revelation ) : she understand what the players are. She takes a step back and drinks a poison and dies. ‘’’Music : Behelit - Berserk‘

If they refuse that she reads their future of if they manage to stop her of cure her, she does not die.

Anyhow, she won't talk, torture is useless too. Unless with the interrogate skill, in which case she directs them to the next sequence.

In her home, they find : Powders, poisons. Some live rats in cages.


And a long list with names and dates. hundreds of names. Those she sold to.

A trunk full of clothes

Action: Search these clothes. they see children's clothes. Or search the book, they find a child storybook.

Actually she has a child ! The little Aimery

Once they discover that, the child comes knocking at the door.

If she is alive, letting her know that they know she has a child gets her to talk immediately.

If she is dead, they can interrogate the child, he knows that some bad people visit her mother frequently and he know their base.

The child explains that the potions are brought by someone coming out of a door under the church.

Under the church there is a cave. That's the entrance of Eugène's Hideout.

Part 4 The Catacombs[edit]

Normal: Normal Bruit Noirs

They have found the entrance of Eugène's hideout. But how to find his actual location ? The cave leads to the undergrounds of the city, hundreds of kilometres of galleries. How to find a path ?

Their goal is to find and kill Eugène.

Ambiance Track
5 min There’s a skull encased in the wall, instead of his eyes are two Provins coins.
15 min Lots of scribings on the wall. Lots of names with a skull carved next to their names.
30 min The players have the distinct impression that they have been to this gallery before. They see the skull with coins again (it’s not the same skull, but they don’t know that).
45 min Screams of pains in the distance. Impossible to track
60 min Stream of smoke fills the room. Impossible to know where it comes from. Players coughs. The smoke stays a very long time.
75 min They see the skull with coins yet again ! (If they left a mark on it, the skull is broken at the place where they the mark, so maybe it’s the same skull maybe not, not clear)

One of the player drops his torch by mistake because it burned his hand, his torch is wet no way to light it back up.

90 min Two mad mans with skeleton costumes jumps at them bare handed. one of them vomits streams of blood and dies trying to attack them. The player on whom he vomited blood will have delirious visions until the end of the scenario, he is temporarily « Insane » .

The other runs away at incredible speed, he's bleeding. The players can follow his bloody footsteps until the room with the "accountant"

Penalty for reaching the end of the ambiance track : One player is delirious.

Their goal is to find the Eugène Clavicule and kill him.

They found a basement below the church. But. This basement is connected to the city's catacombs.

Much like Paris' catacombes, it's a huge maze of galleries, kilometers of chaotic tunnels.

Without a way to guide them, it's impossible to know where to go.

At each step, they need to find a trick to know where to go next.

They have few trump cards if the players have the following talents :

Tracker : The player can follow tracks, so he can chose once to just use his ability to find the next room. Only once.

Eye of the detail : If the player specifically asks for tracks on the walls of markings made by crates. He can go to the next room.

Room 1 : The church's basement[edit]

The ground is muddy. Footprints are "healed" almost instantly. So no footprints to follow.

Action: Look at the black marks on the ceiling made by torches flames to find the right gallery and go to the next room.

Room 2 : The theater[edit]

After a while, a black mushroom covers the ceilings. So the traces are no longer visible.

They arrive in a very high room with a lot of candles. They are off. And weird sculptures that make no sense on the walls.

The room is filled with a stock of drugs. This is obviously part of the stock of Eugene but not everything. There's also alcohol and costumes.

There is a small platform in the middle of the room. (she used to do a show)

The candles are poisonous candles, like in the monastery or the first scenario.

This room is used for two purposes : Stock drugs. And make dark orgies. In the dark orgies, newcomers are drugged, and a dark theatre play is done on stage.

There are far too many possible exits. Impossible to find tracks on the ground or the ceiling.

Action: If they light the candles, the weird sculptures' shadows make a very clear picture: An army of small skeletons that forms a big skull. The mouth is one of the possible exits.

Ambiance room[edit]

While walking the gallery before the next room they pass by a pound filled with crystal clear water. They see stairs underwater. They can't explore too deep.

Room 3 : The laboratory[edit]

They arrive in an underground alchemy laboratory.

There is a big stock of weird ingredients. And a stock of poisons. This is obviously part of the eugene stock, but not everything. There are also many parchments with bumps (in brail?)

There is an old blind man working.

He forgets everything.

The players understand that torture is useless on him. And killing him will serve even less.

The old man introduces them to the new potions. He asks them to pay.

Action: Tell him they have no money left. And that they need to go to eugene to pay for it. He then tells them where to go.

If the players don't find this action. After 10 minutes of talking to him he insults them incoherently and asks them to go to Eugène, he then tells them how to go.

Ambiance room[edit]

They see a message at the entrance of a room: Stop. This is the empire of death.

In the next room they enter a room with macabre engravings on the walls.

An army of the dead that forces people to join to their ranks : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Thetriumphofdeath.jpg

Room 4 : Treasure room[edit]

They arrive at the eugene treasure room.

Chests everywhere filled with counterfeit money. Heaps and piles of money.

There is a very very fat man chained to a table with registers. It's the accountant. He was chained on this seat for years, never using his legs.

He immediately understands what's happening and yells for help.

His cry for help is ignored, torture is useless because he doesn't know where to go. Because he is chained to his seat and has been brought here chained, he doesn't know the path to the next room.

This is most of Eugène's stock of coins. But obviously he stocks much more riches somewhere. And he is not there himself.

The account books are encrypted.

Action: He's screaming for help. But that does not help. Eugène doesn't care if he dies. If instead of screaming for help they ask him to give the names of the customers. Or to decrypher the account books. This could be dangerous for Eugène. So a person dressed with bones comes and kills the accountant with a crossbow bolt. Then tell the players to follow him to find eugenes. Insist on the damage the blot does to the chair and table. It is a forbidden weapon with formidable power. If the players killed the accountant by mistake. After 10 min in the room a person arrives to see what the noise was and propose them to follow him.

Ambiance room[edit]

From this point on, Music : Quake

They arrive in a room with a weird macabre scene. Skeletons have been arranged in a strange scene. The skeletons are actual dead human skeletons, but they can stand up because of straws and wax used to give them a frame. The skeletons eat each other, they dance, they build. They play cards, they mix : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Follower_of_Jheronimus_Bosch_Christ_in_Limbo.jpg This room is actually gargantuan. So wide that it is impossible to see the ends. In the midst of the statues, they see countless of followers of Eugène. With skeleton costumes. They walk on four feets, and wield a bone like a mace. They seem completely mad and slowly surrounds the players. They scream like animals and randomly attack players. The exit is obvious at the other end of the hall. If the players have soldiers, they can try to pass protected by the soliders. This will work. They will take some soldiers and the players will hear them scream for a long time.

If the players have fighting skills related to skirmishes, they can keep them at distance and pass.

If they have none of that, they have to find a way to pass. Or get beaten.

Room 5 : The guardian[edit]

They arrive in the catacombs. Skulls and bones everywhere. In fact, the roof is smaller and smaller and they have to crawl in a sea of bones.

There is before them a black knight with skulls that blocks their way. He has a huge weapon and is very fast. This man is waaaay too big.

He is in a room with a very high ceiling and some drops of water on him. Some light from the outside lights the room.

The players are crawling, but this room stands in the way. The exit is obvious at the other end of the room.

Action: It's up to them to find a way to defeat him or pass by him. If a player has a combat quality in relation to « monsters » , he can blind him. But impossible to defeat him.

Room 6 : Eugène[edit]

Music Gaunter O Dim

They then arrive on the treasure of Eugene Clavicle. Gold. But also skulls. Hoars of golds and precious items.

There is a skeleton sitting on a chariot. He has dirty shoes and wet clothes but he doesn't move.

There's a dead hospitaller with his sword bloody dried on the floor.

If the player touches him, he falls appart. They killed Eugène Clavicule !

After the skeleton falls Music : Danse Macabre

The players have a series of choices

First of all. What do they do with the treasure ? The players can have any items they dream of. Ask them what item they would dream of. It's there.

Same for the gold. They can take it if they want or give it to the inquisition.

The skeleton has a coin made of bone in the hand. This coin is obviously very precious. In the back of the room there is the engraving of the merchant with the same coin http://www.lamortdanslart.com/danse/France/Paris/dm_paris09.htm

Regardless of what they do. One of them carries the coin outside of the tunnels.

Even if they decided to leave it there. one player will realise he took it with him.

Once they leave the tunnel, Epilogue.


Epilogue musics :

  • Epique entre-scenart gagant 12-Pista de audio 12.mp3
  • Epique entre-scenart gagant 12-Pista de audio 12.mp3 (put it twice)
  • Fin epique glorieuse 06-Final
  • Then loop this Playlist Normal-Prima

The players can decide to keep some of the treasure or turn it to the inquisition. The player who carried the coin out of the tunnels have a strong urge not to give it to the inquisitoin and refuses to do it. Hiding it if necessary.

Searching through the eugene documents, they find one letter asking Eugene to ship the corpses to the "usual city ». And another that asked Eugene to send a vast shipment of poison to a very small village. For next scenario.

All players gain one Feat and the player who holds the coin gains the Bone Coin Feat.

Post Game Bonus[edit]

Send those to the players as a post game bonus :

Fun fact, the medieval monetary system of 1 Pound = 20 Shillings = 240 Pennies have survived until 1971 in the UK. Initally, 1 Pound meant 1 Pound of Silver. So 1 Penny was 1 pound / 240 = 3g of silver.

The Provins trade faire was twice a year, the Saint-Quiriace Fair was in May and Saint-Ayoul was in Sept/Oct named after the two churches in the high and low part of the city.

Here is a picture of Saint-Quiriace church : [1]

The Cesar tower : [2]

The City walls : [3]

Provins Pennies : [4]

Provins Catacombs : [5]