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Synonyms: Liar, Con Artist, Actor, Social Chameleon


The character is able to build very convincing lies and play any role.

It is extremely difficult not to believe the lies created by the character. He is able to create a coherent story and play any role. He cleverly anticipates all attempts to unmask him.

He is able to take a role for years without being unmasked. He also has some skills of forgery of documents and disguise. He can read and write.

In the limit of credibility and the appreciation of game master, everyone will believe the lies of the character.

This Feat is difficult to detect and can not be detected with Detect Lies, Instinct or Physiognomist

This Feat is not a drawback. Thus the character is not necessarily a mythomaniac or con artist, but he has the ability to lie if the situation requires it.