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Synonyms: Berserk, Anger, Fury

Special: Prowess

Enrage is a Prowess, this special kind of Feat is an action that can only be done once per scenario.

To acquire it, you need to already have another Feat related to it, for example : Manipulative, Trickster, Charismatic, Knowledge (apothecary) or Poison. For Rage (self) : Tough, Combat or Strong

Your Game Master may accept to waive such prerequisites if your background or in game actions justify it. Unlike normal Feats, a Prowess can be acquired several times.


With a poison, an insult or a painful truth revealed, you trigger an uncontrollable anger in the heart of a chosen person.

He will start attacking anyone around him friend or foes (preferably foes) with a wild renewed strength. He will break or kill anything or anyone he possibly can.

The target is temporarily considered having the Combat (skirmish) Feat.

The Game Master may rule that a person is special and can't be influenced by this Prowess, he has to warn you before using the Feat. In particular, this Feat can't be used on someone with the Courage feat.

If your character doesn't meet the requirements for this Feat, he may take it as Rage (self) in which case he cannot enrage others, but can only enrage himself.