Instill Madness

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Synonyms: Drive Insane, Words of Madness, Heretic Speech, Devil's Tongue, Possession

Special: Prowess

Instill Madness is a Prowess, this special kind of Feat is an action that can only be done once per scenario.

To acquire it, you need to already have another Feat related to it, for example : Manipulative, Trickster, Charismatic, Interrogate, Knowledge (apothecary), Knowledge (heresy) or Poison

Your Game Master may accept to waive such prerequisites if your background or in game actions justify it. Unlike normal Feats, a Prowess can be acquired several times.


With a poison, carefully chosen words or a painful truth revealed, you instil doubt and uncertainty in your target. Slowly cracking the core of their soul.

Depending on how familiar you are with the target and depending on the strength of his beliefs, it may take few sentences or a long conversation.

If the maddening attempt is successful, the target will either cow and sob, try to attack you violently or feel eternally grateful for your help, then it will permanently suffer the effects of Insane or Lost Faith depending on its personality (only the bad effects without any advantages).

If used several times on the same target, he will fall deeper and deeper into madness, to a point where he loses all links with reality. You may chose to influence his madness in certain directions.

The Game Master may rule that a person is special and can't be influenced by this Prowess, he has to warn you before using the Feat. In particular, this Feat can't be used on someone with the Courage feat.