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Synonyms: Merchant, Craftsmen, Usurer, Lawyer, Lombard

Special: Archetype

Bourgeois is an Archetype, it is a special kind of Feat. A character can only have one Archetype in total. Apart from that, Archetypes are like normal Feats and may be taken at character creation or on any level up. On your sheet, mark Bourgeois as one of your Feats and add all Feats gained separately.


Bourgeois are inhabitants of the bourgs, without having any nobiliary titles they have rights of citizenship in a given city and are rich owners of businesses.

The bourgeoisie emerged as a historical and political phenomenon in the 11th century when the bourgs of Central and Western Europe developed into cities dedicated to commerce. This urban expansion was possible thanks to economic concentration due to the appearance of protective self-organisation into guilds. Guilds arose when individual businessmen (such as craftsmen, artisans and merchants) conflicted with their rent-seeking feudal landlords who demanded greater rents than previously agreed.

Your character gains the Rich Feat.

If his background justifies it, he also gains the ⭐ Faith Feat.

Additionally, he gains one Feat of his choice in this list :

Unless his background justifies it, the character cannot take the Combat, Strong or True Strike Feats.

Note that not all wealthy merchants have this feat and the character may de facto be of this profession without having it.