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Synonyms: Hawking, Hunting Dog, Animal Companion


The character is skilled in Falconry and own a hunting bird of his choice.

The bird is very smart and can catch or bite anything the character designates, he can be ordered to drop small objects as well (small grapling hooks, acid vials, poison etc...) with incredible precision.

The bird is smart enough to go scouting for enemies on behalf of the character or guard the player in his sleep as well as serving as an alarm at a fixed location.

He isn't smart enough to follow someone or to follow a trail, he doesn't recognise faces or answer questions.

Using his bird, the character is sure to hunt enough food for himself and his bird.

In combat, the bird can be used to attack the eyes of a foe, in which case the foe will be unable to act for one round as he tries to get rid of the bird. This can only be done once per scenario and doesn't work against a Combat (monster) foe.

Unless the character has the Feat Tracker, the animal isn't trained to find or follow people.

If the character would prefer a hunting dog, a snake, a bear cub, a trained cat or any kind of small animal companions, he may use this Feat as well.