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Synonyms: Wiki Contributor, Game Master

Special: Archetype

⭐ Prima Contributor is an Archetype, it is a special kind of Feat. A character can only have one Archetype in total. Apart from that, Archetypes are like normal Feats and may be taken at character creation or on any level up. On your sheet, mark ⭐ Prima Contributor as one of your Feats and add all Feats gained separately.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye

This Feat is for you, contributors to the Prima universe !

You may take this Feat if you have created an article (a new Feat for example) on the Prima Wiki that later became official.

Or if you have been a Game Master for at least one session of Prima.

Or finally if you have corrected mistakes on more than ten pages on the wiki.

Advantage : You gain two Feats of your choice. Plus one Miracle

If your background justifies it, you also gains the ⭐ Faith Feat.