Knowledge (heresy)

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Synonyms: Knowledge (occultism), Black Magic, Paganism


The character has a comprehensive knowledge of heretical literature, practices and legends as well as foreign religions.

He may be an astute inquisitor who wants to know his enemies better or a character with dark origins. He can recognise the intents of a heretical ritual and decipher any secret languages used by heretics. (Does not apply to encrypted text)

He have read all the classics of foreign religions in their source langage (Coran in Arabic, Torah in Hebrew etc…) and heretic branches of Christianism (Catharism, Zoroastrism etc…). He also knows a lot about witchcraft, pagan rites and black magic. He had access to unspeakable knowledge and read the most terrible manuals.

Unless the character also has Lost Faith he considers heresy as the highest treason a man can make to god and cannot be tempted or intimidated by it.

All characters with a specialised « Knowledge (something) » Feat are very literate. They are fluent in latin, greek and have at least some bases of a foreign language of their choice. They can read and write any languages they know.

If the character is attempting an action related to the general Knowledge Feat, he must roll a die six. With no possibility to roll again for this whole situation.

On a 1,2,3,4 this Feat has no effect.

On a 5 or 6 the character is considered to have the Knowledge Feat momentarily.