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Synonyms: Intimidate, Psychological Torture


The character is so intimidating that he is able to bend the most combative minds during a verbal interrogation.

The character can detect the weaknesses of his interlocutors and is able to create physical discomfort and psychological collapse without resorting to torture.

The character can interrogate a person at his mercy, the interrogation lasts an hour and produces as much result as weeks of torture. A normal mortal will confess all he can, but some people will not confess anything.

After an hour, the prisoner is mentally broken but he has no physical damage.

At the game master's discretion, the person interrogated can leave this interrogation with a deep depression, a desire for suicide, a great friendship for the character or without any mental consequences.

During an interrogation, the character must roll a die six. With no possibility to roll again for this whole situation.

On a 1,2,3,4 this Feat has no additional effect. On a 5 or 6 the character is considered to have the Detect Lies Feat momentarily.