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Synonyms: Baron, Baronet, Duke, Count, Viscount


The character is Noble from a particularly prestigious lineage. This status offers him both a Big Network, he is Rich and has a certain Reputation.

He owns an estate and one additional servant follows him at all times.

The prestige of his house grants him the right to kill any commoner who displeased him without much more justification.

To other members of the nobility he has the Reputation Feat permanently, for others a roll is required.

If the character is attempting an action in relation with those qualities, he must roll a die six. With no possibility to roll again for this whole situation.

On a 1,2,3,4 this Feat has no effect. On a 5 or 6 the character is considered to have one of the following feats of his choice : Well Connected, Rich or Reputation

In case the dice roll failed, the character in not in a position to make a big expense at the moment, his reputation didn't reach his interlocutor or he is momentarily out of favours with his network.

This quality is not a drawback, so he is not necessarily weak.

Note that some characters can be de facto noble without having this quality, their lineage simply isn't well known.