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Synonyms: Investigator, Provost, Bailiff, Sergeant

Special: Archetype

Captain is an Archetype, it is a special kind of Feat. A character can only have one Archetype in total. Apart from that, Archetypes are like normal Feats and may be taken at character creation or on any level up. On your sheet, mark Captain as one of your Feats and add all Feats gained separately.


The character is the captain of an urban garrison, a milician hired to enforce the law or a local representative authorities. He may also be a Sergeant who led some soldiers during the war.

He is used to investigate petty crimes and keep the streets safe for murderers, rapists and bandits.

The judiciary system in the middle age is mix of local spoken and unspoken laws, were nobles or their envoys judge most crimes and have the right of life and death over their subjects.

Depending on his usual methods, he gains the Combat (duel, skirmish or battle) or Detect Lies Feats.

If his background justifies it, he also gains the ⭐ Faith Feat.

Additionally, he gains one Feat of his choice in this list :

Unless his background justifies it, the character cannot take any Knowledge Feats.

Note that not all captains have this feat and the character may de facto be of this profession without having it.