Read Thoughts

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Synonyms: Hear Thoughts, Mental Scrying

Special: Prowess

Read Thoughts is a Prowess, this special kind of Feat is an action that can only be done once per scenario.

To acquire it, you need to already have another Feat related to it, for example : Detect Lies, Instinct, Interrogate, Manipulative or Physiognomist

Your Game Master may accept to waive such prerequisites if your background or in game actions justify it. Unlike normal Feats, a Prowess can be acquired several times.


While speaking with a character, you momentarily gain insights into his thoughts.

Your character isn't hearing his thoughts per say, but using his deep psychological understanding, he manages to grasp everything his interlocutor is thinking.

A Trickster will know he is being scrutinised and will chose carefully his thoughts.