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Synonyms: Artefact, Heirloom


The church entrusted you (or your ancestors) with the protection of a sacred relic.

It may be some bones, blood or a lock of hair from a saint. It may also be some splinters of a famous artefact, like the holy cross or the coat of saint Bernard.

Your relic is encased in some way and you carry it with you at all times. For example in the tilt of your sword, around your neck or inside a book.

As long as you are in the possession of it, you gain one free General Feat or Prowess of your choice, even if you don't meet the prerequisites or if this Feat is forbidden by your Archetype.

The Feat chosen must have a relation with the relic and the player has to justify it.

For example, a relic of Saint Antony the Great could give you the Heal Feat

A relic of Saint George encased in a spear could give you the Combat (duel) Feat etc...