Spy Network

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Synonyms: King of Beggars, Cabinet noir, Intelligencers

Special: Prowess

Spy Network is a Prowess, this special kind of Feat is an action that can only be done once per scenario.

To acquire it, you need to already have another Feat related to it, for example : Trickster, Well Connected, Manipulative or Outlaw Wisdom

Your Game Master may accept to waive such prerequisites if your background or in game actions justify it. Unlike normal Feats, a Prowess can be acquired several times.


After years of preparations, the character have built a vast network of spies.

From corrupt valets to beggars and prostitutes, using gold, blackmail and murder he have infiltrated most layers of society.

Using this Prowess, the player receives a detailed report from his spy networks on a particular topic.

The report always contain valuable and accurate informations, even though the report could be limited in his findings depending on the secrecy of the matter.

The spy network isn't composed of particularly knowledgeable scholars, so it can emulate the Knowledge Feat without problem. But a 5 or a 6 on a die 6 roll is needed to emulate any detailed knowledge feat like Knowledge (heresy) or Outlaw Wisdom.