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Synonyms: Moor, Lombard, Gipsy, Flemish, Jew, Northmen etc...


You were born in a distant land. The winds of adventures helped you travel through the known world.

As a foreigner, you have a much broader vision of the world and speak several languages.

You gain one free General Feat or Prowess of your choice, even if you don't meet the prerequisites or if this Feat is forbidden by your Archetype.

You have to justify to the Game Master why this Prowess makes sense considering your origin.

For example, if you chose to play a character from the Emirate of Granada, you could choose the Prowess Heal, because Islamic medicine was far more advanced than the Christian one.

If you play a Lombard, it makes sense to have the Rich Feat etc...

Note that not all foreigners have this Feat.