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Synonyms: Hawk's Eye, Bull's Eye, Trueshot, Good Thrower, Throw Aim


The character never missed a target.

When chosing this feat, he has to chose a speciality : ranged or throwing

Mark this feat as Marksmanship (ranged) or Marksmanship (throwing) on your sheet depending on your choice.


Players with this feat can take aim and hit their mark perfectly with a weapon designed for ranged shooting, such as a bow, a sling shot, or a crossbow (Note that a crossbow is only allowed for shooting pagans(non Christians), and is thusly forbidden among civilians and rare among non crusade/templar forces.)

This feat also counts toward the use of ranged siege weapons and fortress defence weapons such as trebuchets and ballistas, should the scenario allow for their usage.

Unlike Marksmanship(throwing), this feat requires preparing a weapon, specific ammo, and taking aim, and thus cannot be used as an emergency action unless the character is already engaged in combat, or has prepared for combat.


Players with this feat can throw any reasonably throwable object they carry in their inventory, and it will hit the spot they aim for perfectly, provided their targets are also in reasonable range. (E.g. within 20 meters, same as a baseball pitch)

Unlike Marksmanship(ranged), this feat requires minimal preparation, and therefore can be used as an emergency reaction.