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Synonyms: Pious, Baptised, Religious, Monk, Priest


All characters can have this Feat for free with any Archetype if their background justifies it.


In 1346, the kingdom of France is ravaged by the hundred year war and just lost the battle of Crecy. Knight Templars have been arrested thorough Europe, its last remaining members are in hiding or joined other orders. Hailing from Avignon, pope Clement VI recently launched a crusade to fight heretics abroad.

Dark times nurtures dark thoughts and dark thoughts nurtures heresy.

Soldiers being in short supplies the inquisition have to recourse to ask for outside help.

Your character is amongst the soldiers god has chosen for this task.

In the middle age, religion is the foundation of society. Not only does the church rule over many aspects of the medieval world (science, hospitals, education, orphanage, social security, hotels, banks, diplomacy) but it is the cement that solidifies the social order of society. Peasants work hard, because their king and local noble were chosen by god.

The faith is very deeply rooted in the mindset of the population, but it is much less puritain than it later became during the renaissance. A lot of misconducts have not yet been declared a sin and aren’t condemned by the church at all.

Agnostics were frowned upon and rejected by society, heretics and apostates had to confess or burn. Foreign religions were at best tolerated and at worst oppressed in blood at the first occasion.

Devout Monks and Priests may have this Feat. Most Nobles can have this Feat if their faith is genuine, same applies to commoners educated by the church. In general, any character that is truly pious can have this Feat, whether they are educated or not, this also applies to foreign religions, but do not apply to heresies.

The character have been baptised and have joined a religious order for at least few years, as a monk, a priest or a student. He knows the bible and the dogma of the church very well, he can name saints and quote them. Unless his background says otherwise, he can read, write and speak latin plus his native language.

This Feat can also be taken if you are a believer of another religion.

If the character also has the Lost Faith Feat, he doesn’t loose this Feat but cannot use it in any way.

Divine Protection

God has a special purpose for his soldiers and may grant protection to the faithful.

Once per two scenarios, a character can recite a prayer and beg for god's mercy.

Divine protection can prevent the character from dying or getting any negative conditions like Insane, Wounded or Lost Faith.

He will thus avoid a mortal blow or will recover miraculously, always within the limit of the humanly possible.

Divine Protection cannot be taken for granted, and will only be given if the character's faith is genuine and his prayers are well roleplayed.

If granted (not if refused), the player will lose this ability for at least two scenarios, which means he can't use it at this scenario or the next. This ability will be given back only if he has accomplished good deeds in the name of God and roleplayed accordingly.