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Synonyms: Man of the woods, Craft


The character knows the basics of all the skills necessary for survival in the wild. Hunting, gathering, first aid, orientation etc ...

The character can survive perpetually in autarky in a temperate climate with at most ten persons under his care. In an arid or Nordic climate, with a little preparation and as long as it is humanly possible, he can live a month.

He is good at climbing mountains and have great sense of orientation. He knows very well which plant is edible and which plant isn't.

The character is also able to craft almost anything quickly and with little to no tools and components.

He can craft any simple object as long as he has access to raw materials and rudimentary tools.

He can, for example make a barricade, an armour, a raft, a siege weapon, a tent, a trap etc ... The objects will be fully functional although rudimentary of appearance.

The character can also easily perform repairs, such as filling a waterway in a boat, making a solid stretcher with two branches and cloth or replacing the wheel of a cart.

This quality does not allow him to build an object that he does not understand, for example he can not manufacture a key perfectly adapted to a given lock. Unless he has a key model available.