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Synonyms: Venerable Age, Handicapped, Wounded, Leper, Madman, Insane, Mad, Drowsy, Stupid, Mentally Broken, Lost Faith, Apostate


The player may chose one handicap :

  • Handicap (weak) that could be cause by old age, a physical handicap, a wound, a disease or anything of his choice.
  • Handicap (insane) that could be caused by insanity, stupidity, drugs or anything of his choice
  • Handicap (lost faith) either his faith was broken or he is apostate or even a heretic

(as with other feats, he can only have this feat once with one handicap)

He gains one these feat : Weak (permanent) or Insane (permanent) or Lost Faith (permanent) plus two free feats of his choice.

If the handicap is cured, the additional feat disappear as well.