Godwynn the Inquirer

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Player : Chris
Description :
A tall, mocha skinned, muscular black man in a realm not of his own. With unnatural yellow-marbled eyes containing red flecks, he goes about his work with inner fervor. Friends are there to suffice his needs and associates doubly so. His parents gave him to the Yellow Plains Priesthood when he got too big to feed. He entered piety when he was an adolescent, but after 10 years of training, the priesthood sent him to the mainland to fulfill his duty and pay back the debt he owes.

Feats :

Inventory :

  • Red Robes
  • A quill and inkwell
  • 3 rolls of Parchment
  • Black-forged Claymore
  • Back-harness magnetic sheath
  • Large golden cross on a platinum chain
  • Dagger with an emeral-studded hilt
  • Backpack