Bone Coin

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Synonyms: The Merchant

Special: Hidden

Bone Coin is a Hidden Feat. It can only be given to you by the Game Master and you cannot talk about this Feat with other Players.


You own the Bone Coin. A coin made of bones, a true masterpiece of Ivory Carving.

It is unnaturally awe inspiring and it seems unbreakable.

As long as you own it (with you or in a safe place), you gain one extra Feat of your choice.

You can only "own" one Bone Artefact.---- Special : Whish

You may use the Bone Coin to emulate the effect of Miracle, once you do that, this Feat becomes : Bone Coin (used once)

One your Character sheet, write :

{{{Artifact| Bone Coin }}}

{{{Free Feat| +1 Feat }}}