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Synonyms: Incubation, Dream Incubation

Special: Prowess

Necromancy is a Prowess, this special kind of Feat can't be acquired until the third level. A Prowess is a special action that can only be done once per scenario. Unlike normal Feats, it can be acquired several times.

Special: Hidden

Necromancy is a Hidden Feat. It can only be given to you by the Game Master and you cannot talk about this Feat with other Players.


After a long ritual consisting of breathing powerful incenses, the character will fall asleep on the grave or next to the corpse of a decreased person.

Dream Incubation is the earliest form of Necromancy, it allows the character to enter in contact with a deceased person in his dreams.

He can have a conversation with him and live episodes of his past life.

The corpse have to be mostly intact but there is no limit as to how far in time the person died.

Note that the character may or may not recall all details accurately when he wakes up.