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  • - Air - Fire - Earth - Water - Attribute
  • Cost to develop: 1 cL
  • Subtype: Core
  • Tier: 3
  • Requirements: Ascension
  • Description: Words of your deeds have attracted powerful followers


What's an Attribute ? 
Main article: Attributes

Attributes are passive abilities that Players can choose. On level up, you can develop as many Attributes as you want; as long as you pay the cost in Essence (if any) and satisfy the requirements. Unless specified, an Attribute can only be taken once; you cannot lose or consume an Attribute.

As a rule of thumb, combat bonuses of the same type don't stack and each bonus also comes with a vulnerability.

If not specified, the default values for the Attribute's main characteristics are :

  • Cost to develop: 0 cL
  • Subtype: None
  • Requirements: None
What's a Core Attribute ? 
Main article: Core Attributes

Core Attributes are a certain Subtype of Attributes.

They are significantly more powerful than other Attributes; they are milestones on the path to divinity.

Players should consider developing them as soon as they satisfy the requirements.

For the sake of simplicity, the Game Master can decide to exclude some Core Attributes.

Detailed Effect

You can now attract Heroes.

Heroes are mortals who obey your every commands. They are a separate character that the player can control, they have special abilities compared to other mortals, but they are not remotely as powerful as you.

By spending 1 cL, you can attract a Hero. Note that you have to be in a situation that makes it possible for a mortal to join you.

Read the Heroes article for more details.

You can customise this Hero. By default, it has either one Quality, or one Drawback, two Qualities.

If you have worshippers, he also acquires your Worshipper's quality by default.

You can spend 1 cL to teach him new Qualities.

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