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  • - Air - Fire - Earth - Water - Attribute
  • Cost to develop: 1 cL
  • Subtype: Core
  • Requirements: 2nd Power developed or later
  • Description: You are all-powerful and can perform Miracles.


What's an Attribute ? 
Main article: Attributes

Attributes are passive abilities that Players can choose. On level up, you can develop as many Attributes as you want; as long as you pay the cost in Essence (if any) and satisfy the requirements. Unless specified, an Attribute can only be taken once; you cannot lose or consume an Attribute.

As a rule of thumb, combat bonuses of the same type don't stack and each bonus also comes with a vulnerability.

If not specified, the default values for the Attribute's main characteristics are :

  • Cost to develop: 0 cL
  • Subtype: None
  • Requirements: None
What's a Core Attribute ? 
Main article: Core Attributes

Core Attributes are a certain Subtype of Attributes.

They are significantly more powerful than other Attributes; they are milestones on the path to divinity.

Players should consider developing them as soon as they satisfy the requirements.

For the sake of simplicity, the Game Master can decide to exclude some Core Attributes.

Detailed Effect

You have all power. You can exercise dominion over the entire universe, carry out the purposes of your wisdom, and even create things out of nothing; anything is possible, as long as you can afford the cost in Essence.

Core Miracles :

  • You can use any Powers listed in the game, as long as you pay ten time its Essence cost. (min. 1 cL)
  • You can add +X to any dice roll for 2X cL. This has to be decided before you roll the dice.
  • You can cancel any Powers or Miracles cast by an enemy, as long as you pay twice their Essence cost. The enemy can then pay four time the initial cost to cancel your cancelling Miracle etc...
  • You can heal entirely in three weeks, even from having lost limbs, for 2.5 cL. Only losing your head is still lethal.
  • You can consume and create Artifacts

With your Game Master's approval, you can produce absolutely any effect through Miracles; there are very few limitations to this.

See the detailed article on Miracles to get a better idea of what you can achieve and at what cost.

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