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What is Prima RPG ?

Prima RPG is a tabletop roleplaying game meant to be played via videoconference.

Prima is medieval realistic with a taint of fantastic, the game is centred around player decisions rather than skills and dice rolls.

How to play ?

Create your character

Official content

How to create your own pages ?


  • Intro to Prima RPG

What's an RPG ? What's Prima RPG ?

  • Projects
  • Powers and Attributes

-Create a new -Subtypes

  • Miracles, Artifacts and Others

-Create a new -Subtypes

  • Unofficial content

Template:Powers/Create Template:Attributes/Create

  • 1-Immortal
  • 2-miracles - artifacts (charge + consume)
  • 3-element/immunite/element interdit + heros
  • 4-cité ,cvillage, taille + cité qualité
  • 5-dimension + Revivre
  • 6-suivant
  • materia prima ??
  • helion?selene?
  • fin du perso
  • carac eppiques, divines
  • interaction jeu/reel
  • ersume en deux pages
  • titre

Creer un nouveau perso

Combat scene : Nom du boss

Description : Description de l'attaque

A chaque tour, un joueur choisi d'etre la cible principale il doit faire X ou plus sur un dé 6 + bonus de combats En cas de réussit, phase suivante En cas d'échec, Z1 degats

Les autres joueurs doivent faire Y ou plus sur un dé 6 + bonus de combat En cas d'échec Z2 degats

Boss attributes (the bonuses given by those attributes are already factred in the boss's stats): Liste des attributs

Pages :

Main page


Catgories :

Core rules








Monster ?

Help (wiki related)

Attribute -> Miracles You can now use any power in the game by paying 10 times it's essence cost (with a minimum of 0,1 cL). With the GM's approval, you can produce any effect you want by spending essence. Feel free to browse the Miracle category to have a clearer idea of what you can do.

Miracles : You can spend 2X cL of essence to gain a +X on any roll. (E.g. 4cL -> +2) You can cancel the effects of any powers used by an enemy by paying twice it's essence cost.

Heal any wound, even a lost limb in one week. X cL

Loose an attribute : cost 3cL + twice the essence given by this attribute (if any)

About:Powers and Attributes