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  • - Air - Fire - Earth - Water - Attribute
  • Subtype: Core
  • Requirements: New Character
  • Description: You are mortal no more


What's an Attribute ? 
Main article: Attributes

Attributes are passive abilities that Players can choose. On level up, you can develop as many Attributes as you want; as long as you pay the cost in Essence (if any) and satisfy the requirements. Unless specified, an Attribute can only be taken once; you cannot lose or consume an Attribute.

As a rule of thumb, combat bonuses of the same type don't stack and each bonus also comes with a vulnerability.

If not specified, the default values for the Attribute's main characteristics are :

  • Cost to develop: 0 cL
  • Subtype: None
  • Requirements: None
What's a Core Attribute ? 
Main article: Core Attributes

Core Attributes are a certain Subtype of Attributes.

They are significantly more powerful than other Attributes; they are milestones on the path to divinity.

Players should consider developing them as soon as they satisfy the requirements.

For the sake of simplicity, the Game Master can decide to exclude some Core Attributes.

Detailed Effect

The reasons for your ascension are unclear. As your soul drifts into immortality, the memory of your past life starts to fade. You rarely need to eat, drink, or breathe. Disease, poisons and the passing of time do not harm you anymore. You have the strength, toughness, and the wits of a hundred men. You grow taller every day.

On character creation and at the end of each game sessions (the Game Master will tell you when)

  • You develop one extra Power of your choice. (If a game session was too short, the GM will cancel this.)
  • You produce 1 cL of Essence + 0.1 cL for each Power you possess.
  • You can develop as many Attributes as you want, as long as you can pay the cost and satisfy the conditions. For now, you are limited to pre-Ascension Attributes.
What's Essence ? 

Main article: Essence
Essence is the quantification of the sacred. (usually expressed in cL or centiliters)

If something is too precious to be purchased, it contains Essence. An heirloom, a masterpiece, a monument, a legendary artifact, a human being; the more sacred, bespoke, unique and mysterious it is, the more Essence it contains.

As an Immortal, you care not for worldly riches that are very easy to acquire for you; only Essence has any sort of importance.

Think of Essence as a mix between XP, Mana and a currency to craft artifacts.

Objects, beings, and places can all contain Essence.

Essence can be freely transferred, but it can't be stolen or consumed. Unless specified, you won't gain Essence from creatures or artifacts by eating them. At the beginning, Essence can only be used to activate Powers or develop Attributes. Later on, it can used for much more: Miracles, Artifacts, etc...

Your uncanny demeanor is easily noticeable, other mortals immediately recognize you as a different being. Immortals aren't welcome in the Providiae society, most large settlements will have priests specially raised and trained to detect them. If you ever approach a large city, you can be detected as far as 100 km, they will then probably send an army to greet you long before you can reach the city gates.

Next Core Attribute: Omnipotent


This Attribute can't be developed, it is given on Character creation only.