Divine Touch

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Synonyms: Prowess, Pact with the Devil


This Feat can not be taken by a character directly, it must be a gift from the game master justified by the campaign.

By gaining this Feat, the character automatically gains the Divine Protection prowess for free.


Touched by divine grace, the hero is capable of extraordinary actions

He is capable of actions out of the common, momentarily reaching the limits of the humanly possible.

Thanks to this quality, the character has access to Feats of the type : Prowess

A Prowess can only be used once per scenario and allows the character to do a special action.

A Prowess is a type of non-visual spell. It is possible only if there is an explanation to the limit of the scientifically plausible and it is up to the player to justify it with the game master before using his prowess.

For example, it is humanly impossible to heal someone who has been decapitated, but it is not impossible to treat someone who's throat have been slit. It is very difficult, very rare, but scientifically plausible.

Like any Feats, a character can only take a Prowess once.