Divine Protection

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Synonyms: Guardian Angel

Special: Prowess

Divine Protection is a Prowess, this special kind of Feat can't be acquired unless the character has Divine Touch. A Prowess is a special action that can only be done once per scenario. Like any Feat, it can be acquired only once.


A superior force protects the character

The character is able to survive incredible situations.

If the character dies, he can choose, once per scenario to exhaust all his Prowesses instead.

He will thus avoid a mortal blow or will recover miraculously, always within the limit of the humanly possible.

All his Prowesses are exhausted as if he had already used them in this scenario. If he has no other Prowesses, only this Prowess is exhausted.

In the next scenario, he will divide by two the number of Prowesses he can perform, rounded up. He will have to choose at the beginning of the scenario what Prowess will no longer be usable.

For example if a character has three Prowesses, including Divine Protection, in the next scenario he can use only two Prowesses. At the beginning of the scenario he will choose for example to keep the prowess Divine Protection and another Prowess.