Burning Fist

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  • - Fire - Power
  • Cost to cast: 0.2 cL
  • Subtype: Smite
  • Range: Melee
  • Duration: 1 min
  • Description: Your fists are ablaze and your strength is multiplied by two


What's a Power ? 
Main article: Powers

Powers are active abilities that Players can use. You gain one new Power at each level up. You may use a Power as many times as you want, as long as you can pay the cost. You can choose at any time to consume a Power and instantly gain 10 cL of Essence. (The Power is then gone) If not specified, the default values for the Power's main characteristics are :

  • Cost to cast: 0 cL
  • Subtype: None
  • Casting Time: Instantaneous
  • Range: Visual
  • Area: None
  • Duration: Instantaneous
What's a Smite Power ? 
Main article: Smite Powers

Smite Powers are a certain Subtype of Powers.

Unless specified, they allows you to kill instantaneously about 10 mortals for a cost of 0.2 cL.

During a Battle, you can spend 0.4 cL to gain a temporary +2 Combat Style Bonus for one turn; alternatively, once per battle, you can use 0.8 cL to disorganize or 1.6 cL to disperse an organized battalion, or use 0.8 cL to directly disperse a disorganized battalion.

During an Epic Duel, melee Smite Powers allow you to spend 0.2 cL to gain a temporary +2 Combat Style Bonus for one turn; ranged Smite Powers allow you to spend 0.4 cL to give a temporary +2 Combat Style Bonus for one turn to an ally. Note that the Game Master has the final say if your Power can be used this way depending on the circumstances.

Smite Powers do not have to be used in combat; with your Game Master's approval you can use Chain Lightning to light a harmless fire or use Burning Fist to climb a stone wall. It's up to you to find creative uses for those Powers.

Detailed Effect

Your fists starts burning at 1900°C, allowing you to reduce almost anything to ashes by mere contact. Your hands and arms' strength is temporarily multiplied by two. If surrounded by mortals, you can easily kill 10 of them before they have time to disperse.