Bone Violin (used once)

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Synonyms: The Minstrel

Special: Hidden

Bone Violin (used once) is a Hidden Feat. It can only be given to you by the Game Master and you cannot talk about this Feat with other Players.


You own the Bone Violin. A violin made of bones, a true masterpiece of Ivory Carving.

It is unnaturally awe inspiring and it seems unbreakable.

As long as you own it (with you or in a safe place), you gain one extra Feat of your choice.

You can only "own" one Bone Artefact.Losing or destroying the violin would now cost two Feats in total (the extra Feat plus one of your choice).

Once per Scenario : You may emulate the Talent (violin) Feat. Your talent is so immense that most people will want to dance spontaneously (they are not compelled to do so) anyone who actually dance at your tune will die of a strange illness within a week.

(Other Players, Artefact Bearers or Special Characters are fully or partially immune to this)

Special : Whish

You may use the Bone Violin to emulate the effect of Miracle, once you do that, this Feat becomes : Bone Violin (used twice)

One your Character sheet, write :

{{{Artifact| Bone Violin (used once) }}}

{{{Free Feat| +1 Feat }}}