Bone Crosier (used three times)

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Synonyms: The Bishop

Special: Hidden

Bone Crosier (used three times) is a Hidden Feat. It can only be given to you by the Game Master and you cannot talk about this Feat with other Players.


You own the Bone Crosier. A crosier made of bones, a true masterpiece of Ivory Carving.

It is unnaturally awe inspiring and it seems unbreakable.

As long as you own it (with you or in a safe place), you gain one extra Feat of your choice.

You can only "own" one Bone Artefact.

Losing or destroying the crosier would now kill you and send you to hell.

You cannot use Faith anymore, only a Miracle can help you get rid of the crosier. In which case you "only" lose four Feats instead of dying (the extra Feat plus three of your choice).

Once per Day : You may emulate the Puppet Master Feat. If you do so, the person you hypnotised will die of a strange illness within a week after completing its task.

(Other Players, Artefact Bearers or Special Characters are immune to this)

You have to do this every day or you lose the crosier.

Your soul is doomed : After 666 days you will lose the Bone Crosier and die, only a Miracle can save you now.