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  • - Air - Fire - Earth - Water - Attribute
  • Subtype: Core
  • Requirements: 3rd Power developed or later
  • Description: The last remains of your mortality are long gone. Your essence is now that of a godlike entity.


What's an Attribute ? 
Main article: Attributes

Attributes are passive abilities that Players can choose. On level up, you can develop as many Attributes as you want; as long as you pay the cost in Essence (if any) and satisfy the requirements. Unless specified, an Attribute can only be taken once; you cannot lose or consume an Attribute.

As a rule of thumb, combat bonuses of the same type don't stack and each bonus also comes with a vulnerability.

If not specified, the default values for the Attribute's main characteristics are :

  • Cost to develop: 0 cL
  • Subtype: None
  • Requirements: None
What's a Core Attribute ? 
Main article: Core Attributes

Core Attributes are a certain Subtype of Attributes.

They are significantly more powerful than other Attributes; they are milestones on the path to divinity.

Players should consider developing them as soon as they satisfy the requirements.

For the sake of simplicity, the Game Master can decide to exclude some Core Attributes.

Detailed Effect

Your Ascension unlocks great powers, but it also bears numerous limitations.

Elemental Powers and Attributes :

Every time you develop a new Power, choose which element it is affiliated with. A list of compatible elements is listed at the top of each Power's page. On this level up, you may only choose Attributes compatible with this Power's element.

For example, a Power marked as : - Air - Fire - Earth - can be affiliated with any element except Water. So you could choose to develop it as a Earth Power and then develop as many Earth Attributes as you can afford.

On your next level up, you can choose to develop an Air Power, in which case you will be able to develop Air Attributes.

This validation rule is retroactive. As soon as you develop it, re-calculate all your previous level ups to make sure they comply with this rule. The Game Master will allow you to modify your previously acquired Powers and Attributes if needed.

Tier level :

The Ascension Attribute is a prerequisite for most Attributes, it allows you to develop Attributes with a certain Tier level.

A Tier X Attribute can only be developed if you have at least X Powers in a compatible element, including the Power you acquired during this level up.

For example.

If you have previously developed 2 Earth Powers and 3 Fire Powers. During your level up phase, you decide to develop another Fire Power.

You can choose to develop any Tier 4 or lower Fire Attributes. You can't develop Earth Attributes during this level up, because you chose to develop a Fire Power.

Elemental Affinity :

If you specialise in an element, you can't develop Powers or Attributes of the opposite element.

Air and Earth are opposite elements. Fire and Water are also opposite elements.

You are considered specialised if your Tier level in an element is two levels higher than any other element. If you are Tier 1 in Air, Tier 2 in Fire and Earth but Tier 3 in Water, you are considered specialised in Water. Because your Air Tier is two levels lower than your Water Tier.

If you are Tier 2 in Air, Fire, Earth and Tier 3 in Water, you are not considered specialised.

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