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Synonyms: Relic, Heirloom, Curio

Special: Archetype

Artifact is an Archetype, it is a special kind of Feat. A character can only have one Archetype in total. Apart from that, Archetypes are like normal Feats and may be taken at character creation or on any level up.


If you find an artifact during a scenario and if the game master agrees : on your next level up, you can gain this Feat instead of another. In this case, this Feat does not count as an Archetype, mark it as Artifact (found) on your character, it does not count against the limit of one Archetype per character. You may still have this Feat only once in total and therefore can only have or be attuned to one artifact per character, found in game or not.


You own a potent artifact and are attuned to it.

It may be a heirloom, a relic of a saint, a satanic device or an object of unknown origin.

This object is only attuned to you and have no particular power in the hands of anyone else.

You may chose two extra Feats, including Prowesses even if you character doesn't have the Feat Divine Touch. (But not Archetypes)

As long as you own this object, you can enjoy the benefits of those two Feats under certain conditions.

If one of the Feats is a normal Feat and not a Prowess, you may enjoy it's benefits only once per scenario.

If one of the Feats is a Prowess, you may enjoy it's benefits only once per two scenarios, which means that if you use it once, it will stay exhausted on the next scenario after this one.

This artifact is not obviously magical and it's effects can't be graphical. For example you can't have a purse that create gold coins and emulates the Rich Feat because it's not humanely possible to create gold out of nowhere. But you could have a chest full of gold with a damned rusted lock that just refuses to open more than once per scenario.

Ideas of Artifacts :

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